April 16, 2024

Same Sex Couples Can Now Adopt in Queensland

Single people also allowed to adopt under new law  

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Queensland Parliament passed a legislation that would allow same sex couples, singles and people undergoing fertility treatment to adopt.

Despite opposition of clauses that expanded eligibility criteria to singles and same sex couples by two MPs, the legislation was supported by independents Rob Pyne and Billy Gordon and was passed overnight.  Communities

Minister Shannon Fentiman said according to Brisbane Times, “It is time for Queensland to join other Australian states and territories to remove this discrimination from our adoption laws-For too long Queensland’s LGBTI community has been barred from even considering meeting the needs of a child through adoption as an option.”

Queensland is joining states other than South Australia and Northern territories in allowing same-sex adoption.

In Thailand, same-sex marriages are not recognized by Thailand law and Thai- adoption law requires that the couple looking to adopt must be married. There have been talks to legalize same-sex marriages, but for far nothing has come to fruition.

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Adoptees Not U.S Citizens

International adoptees move to make amendment in immigration law child-children-girl-happy

An Adoptees Rights Campaign has made moves towards getting Adoptee Citizenship Act passed by Congress after realizing that a loophole in the U.S immigration law has left adoptees from foreign countries with no citizenship.  Some of these adoptees are at risk of being deported out of the country.

Chaninat & Leeds Lawyers specialize in child adoption cases for non-Thai parents living in Thailand and also step-parent adoption of biological children of their spouses in Thailand

After the World War II, U.S citizens have adopted thousands of children from foreign countries. According to Creating a Family, more than 17,416 children were adopted internationally in 2008 alone.

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Man Commits “Fraud” at Sperm Bank

A Georgia Man who helped to father 36 children admits to committing fraud at a sperm bank

According to a police report obtained by Lawnewz.com a Georgia man James Aggeles, turned himself in and admitted to committing fraud at a sperm bank stating that he had not been “truthful about his mental health and his college degree”. This comes after complaints were filed against Xytex, an Atlanta, Georgia clinic by parents claiming that they were fooled by Aggeles’ lies.


In countries like Thailand, surrogacy and sperm donation are very popular with websites such as http://www.thaisuperiorart.com/  and https://www.findsurrogatemother.com/ especially among foreign nationals who come to the country looking for surrogates and sperm donors. However, surrogacy for foreign nationals has been banned due to the Baby Gammy controversy and now only opposite-sex married Thai residents are allowed to undergo commercial surrogacy.


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International Adoptions in Decline

A recent report in The Washington Times by Margie Mason of the Associated Press reveals a massive decrease in the number of orphans being adopted globally by foreign parents. According to annual statistics, adoption record is at its lowest at estimated 25,000 in 2011 as compared to a high record of 45,000 in 2004.

Factors connected to the declining record of adoptions is said to be a set of strict international guidelines called the Hague Adoption Convention to ensure transparency and child protection.

The Hague Adoption Convention requires countries to set up a central adoption authority and a system of checks and balances necessary to safeguard orphans and keep profit-driven players from corrupting a system that should be purely about helping unwanted children.

The set of strict guidelines is prompted by reported cases of stolen child from birth parents but international adoption advocates argued these strict guidelines also shut down international adoptions in many third world countries and children may stuck in orphanages or on the streets where they could fall prey to sex traffickers.

“It should have been a real step forward, but it’s been used in a way that’s made it a force for shutting down countries.That affects thousands of children every year.” says Elizabeth Bartholet, a Harvard Law professor who promotes international adoptions, Mason reports.

Thailand Adoptions are separated into 2 types, International Adoption and Domestic Adoption. International Adoptions involve foreign (non-Thai) adaptive parents and require a much more intense background investigation.