June 20, 2024

Man Commits “Fraud” at Sperm Bank

A Georgia Man who helped to father 36 children admits to committing fraud at a sperm bank

According to a police report obtained by Lawnewz.com a Georgia man James Aggeles, turned himself in and admitted to committing fraud at a sperm bank stating that he had not been “truthful about his mental health and his college degree”. This comes after complaints were filed against Xytex, an Atlanta, Georgia clinic by parents claiming that they were fooled by Aggeles’ lies.


In countries like Thailand, surrogacy and sperm donation are very popular with websites such as http://www.thaisuperiorart.com/  and https://www.findsurrogatemother.com/ especially among foreign nationals who come to the country looking for surrogates and sperm donors. However, surrogacy for foreign nationals has been banned due to the Baby Gammy controversy and now only opposite-sex married Thai residents are allowed to undergo commercial surrogacy.


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