May 30, 2024

Thailand Marriage

Q: What are the Steps for Foreigners to Marry in Thailand?

A: Foreigners who wish to marry in Thailand must complete the following steps:

1) Foreigners (non-Thai nationals) must obtain an affidavit of freedom to marry which states their names and personal details such as citizenship, divorce or marital status and legal ability to marry pursuant to their national law. This is obtained from the Embassy or the foreign national’s country. Different embassies have different procedures for providing this affidavit of freedom to marry – make certain to check with the embassy for your home country in Bangkok to receive particulars.

2) This affidavit will have to be translated into Thai and legalized pursuant to Thai law.

3) When all the documents are in place, the administrative marriage can then be performed at the Thai district offices known as ‘Amphur’ or ‘Khet’.

Q: How long does an administrative marriage in Thailand take?

A: Once the affidavits are obtained from the embassy, having those documents translated and legalized, and having the marriage performed at a local Amphur, the process can be completed but normally requires 3-4 working days. Different or stricter requirements for certain nations’ embassies may make the process take a longer time.

Thailand Marrige

Q: Is it legal to marry in Thailand as a Foreigner?

A: Yes. In Thailand, it is legal for foreigners to marry either Thai citizens or other foreign nationals provided that requirements are met. A Thailand marriage a legal under Thai law and is normally recognized throughout the world.

Is it possible to celebrate a religious or formal wedding ceremony in Thailand?

Formal or religious ceremonies can also be held in Thailand. However, they are not recognized by the Thai government as legal marriages.

Q: Can Foreigners Handle the Paperwork Themselves?

A: Foreign nationals may choose to handle paperwork themselves, or may hire a legal office or attorney to assist. Many persons choose to hire a law firm to assist to make the process easier and faster. If a Thailand prenuptial agreement is involved, the agreement should be prepared by a qualified attorney. The attorney responsible for the prenuptial agreement should also register the marriage, as there are special procedures involved.

Q: Is a Thai marriage recognized internationally?

A: Yes. A Thai marriage is accepted by the vast majority of civilized nations in the world under the principle of reciprocity. However, foreigners may choose to either register their Thai marriage with their home country of have their Thai marriage documents certified by their Embassy in Thailand to provide additional evidence of the marriage.