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Veasna Meth, a Cambodian national, became the second ever person from his country to be returned to the US after being deported over a criminal conviction.

Meth was deported from the US five years ago after he received a removal order due to a 2008 burglary he was convicted for.

Despite being deported, changing immigration laws in California removed burglary from the list of offenses that a legal foreign resident can be deported on.

Phorn Tem, who became the first ever Cambodian deportee returned to the US last November, was originally removed from the US on a marijuana conviction.

A 2017 California law though, which allows those no longer in custody to vacate a sentence or conviction, allowed Tem to have his deportation order struck down in the courts.

Deportation orders can now be struck down or reversed under California law if the conviction was based on a prejudicial error or the offender was not made aware of the immigration consequences of pleading guilty to the charge.

It’s not uncommon for Thai or other Southeast Asian nationals to be denied legal residency in the US, but those denied can apply for US visa denial waivers.

Now, Tem and Meth will both have their legal resident status reinstated.

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