800px-German_Shepherd_(aka_Alsatian_and_Alsatian_Wolf_Dog),_Deutscher_Schäferhund_(Folder_V)_02Julie Bernet, a breeder of expensive German Shepherds that were imported from Europe has been found guilty on 11 counts of animal cruelty and sentenced to a year in jail.

Assistant District Attorney Jason Covington commented on the situation that after her breeding business failed, the electricity went off and the dogs were left abandoned to horrible conditions. They were “starving … without proper shelter, food or access to water in below freezing conditions”.

Authorities intervened when one of the dogs was seen carrying the head of another dog in its mouth. When authorities further investigated the property they found three dead dogs and a partially eaten dog.

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Covington said they arrested her at the casino along with drug charges and later found out that she had a dog in her vehicle that was left in freezing conditions.

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