Swaziland to Illegalize Divorce

by admin on April 24, 2017

King Mswaiti has called for the ban saying it is against Swazi culture

458px-King_Mswati_III_2014King Mswaiti III

Swaziland’s monarch, King Mswaiti has called for the ban of divorce saying it goes against the culture of his people and has asked religious leaders to instruct citizens that divorce is only applicable in the case of spousal death.

According to eNCA, “His directive comes as the kingdom’s attorney-general is drafting a marriage Bill which will make it easier to divorce, particularly for women, ” and since Swaziland is the only remaining African country that is under absolute monarchy, civil rights organization believe that the bill will become law if it is formally tabled.

Lucky Lukhele from the Swaziland Solidarity Network said to eNCA, “It is not necessarily a decree. However, given the vast powers that the king has it may sound as it is. Remember that he’s also a chairperson of the judiciary commission. I’m just imagining women going there to demand a divorce given that the judge himself will be worried about his job after they had to contradict their boss; in this case the king.”

The organization fears that the law will serve to further oppress the Swazi women, a group whose rights are already oppressed.

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