A petition for divorce law reform in the UK seeks to outlaw granting ex-spouses “disproportionate” awards in divorce agreements, The Sunday Times reports.

Ruth Deech, a Baroness and leading law academic and politician, plans to put the bill before parliament in early 2018. If the legislation is brought into law, it will make prenuptial agreements legally binding in all cases. It will also limit maintenance to five years. However, exceptions will be made in cases were sufficient hardship can be proven.

The bill came after recent high-profile cases in which women were granted awards such £2 million a year for travel, £100,000 for handbags.

“It is no credit to English law and damaging to the position of all women to find that the wives of foreign oligarchs are having their “needs”, taken seriously by judges, while women who are supporting themselves in their jobs at the time of divorce are treated less generously than those who have given up work”, Lady Deech said.

Prenuptial agreements for Thai-Foreign marriages requires an understanding of both Thailand law and the law of the other spouses jurisdiction.

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Image: Eric Fabro