December 8, 2023

Thailand Adoption Law

Can Thailand adoptions be conducted through both private and public agencies?

Adoption in Thailand is dealt with exclusively by the Child Adoption Center of the Department of Welfare (DPW).  There are no legally authorized private adoption agencies that adopt Thai children to foreign parents. All applications are processed by the DPW, though there are non-government agencies that work directly with the DPW and are licensed to recommend placement of children with international adoptive parents.

What are Thai adoption requirements?

1) Adoptive parents must be married.

2) Both adoptive parents must be at least 25 years of age.

3) Both adoptive parents must be significantly older than the child to be adopted.

4) Prospective parents must be legally qualified to adopt in their own country.

5) Prospective parents must receive confirmation from an authorized agency in the foreign country that the adoption will be legalized before the DPW will begin the application process.

How long until I can take my child home?

The length of time from the commencement of the adoption application until the time when the adoption procedure has been completed in bothThailandand the new parents’ home country varies greatly from country to country. One important consideration is the process of acquiring visas for the adopted child for the adoptive parents’ home country, which may be a particularly time-consuming process.


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