May 30, 2024

Zika Scare Alarms Pregnant Women in Thailand

Abnormal births were first reported in the country in SeptemberAedes aegypti, one of Zika virus transmitters by Rafaelgilo

The Thai ministry of health said that it is considering having pregnant women in Thailand tested for the Zika virus after two detected cases of microcephaly were confirmed in September reports Reuters.

The procedure is said to cost THB2000, but repeat tests are necessary.

Women found to carry the Zika virus give birth to babies that have unusually small heads, a condition called microcephaly.

Zika Virus was first detected in 2007 in a small Island off the coast of the Pacific called Yap. After six years, the virus reappeared in the French Polynesia bringing with it the spread of a rare auto-immune disease that led to paralysis.

Child adoption in Thailand  is regulated by the Thai government which has an international department for non-Thai prospective parents. 

In 2015, the virus was found in Brazil and the first reported case of microcephaly was brought to doctors.By the end of 2015, “public health officials estimated Zika had infected more than 1 million people in the Americas, and Brazilian doctors were investigating microcephaly in nearly 3,000 babies.”

By September of this year, Zika has been reported in 48 different countries in the Americas and 10 others in the Pacific, Asia and Africa.

Apart from transmission by mosquitoes, sexual transmission has also been reported.

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Spread of Zika Virus

Man Commits “Fraud” at Sperm Bank

A Georgia Man who helped to father 36 children admits to committing fraud at a sperm bank

According to a police report obtained by a Georgia man James Aggeles, turned himself in and admitted to committing fraud at a sperm bank stating that he had not been “truthful about his mental health and his college degree”. This comes after complaints were filed against Xytex, an Atlanta, Georgia clinic by parents claiming that they were fooled by Aggeles’ lies.


In countries like Thailand, surrogacy and sperm donation are very popular with websites such as  and especially among foreign nationals who come to the country looking for surrogates and sperm donors. However, surrogacy for foreign nationals has been banned due to the Baby Gammy controversy and now only opposite-sex married Thai residents are allowed to undergo commercial surrogacy.


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EPA Allows More Radiation in Drinking Water

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) discretely issued proposal to allow unsafe levels of radiation exposures in drinking water.


Radioactive water. Image Credit: kiaannegeraths (Flickr)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released documentation on Monday June 6, which planned to allow radioactive contamination in drinking water at concentration levels far higher than permitted under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Eco Watch has reported that the new guidance would approve radiation exposures equivalent to 250 chest X-rays a year.

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What was proposed by the EPA Protective Action Guides (PAGS) would permit for all citizens of the US to drink water that is severely higher in radioactive levels than what is currently legal.

Dr. Catherine Thomasson, executive director of Physicians for Social Responsibility, stated

“Clean water is essential for health” she said “Just like lead; radiation when ingested in small amounts is very hazardous to our health. It is inconceivable that EPA could now quietly propose allowing enormous increases in radioactive contamination with no action to protect the public, even if concentrations are a thousand times higher than under the Safe Drinking Water Act.”

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