July 17, 2018

New Kentucky Joint Custody Law Puts Children First

Kentucky became the first nation in the U.S. to make joint custody the “legal presumption” in divorce proceedings, according to the Courier Journal.

The law is a historic step away from traditional divorce cases where the judge can play the key decision maker on which parent gets to be the primary custodian, relegating the other to a disproportionately less amount of parenting time.

With the change, both parents start on equal footing for shared custody. Then, the judge determines whether or not each qualifies for joint custody based on 11 factors, one being if one of the parties has filed a domestic violence complaint against the other in the last three years.

If domestic violence isn’t a factor in the case and there are no other glaring red flags, the judge must grant equal custody to the parents.

“Joint custody and equally shared parenting time is in the best interest of the child,” the law said.

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Saudi Offers Safer Space for Child Visitations

Currently, divorced parents have to meet their children in police stations

Image by Mohammed Tawsif Salam under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Justice announced that it will be setting up child visitation centers to offer divorced parents a safer and healthier space to visit their children.

Under the current child custody law, parents are only allowed to meet their children in police stations, which, according to Mohammed Al-Radi, general manager and consultant at a non-profit Al-Mawaddah Society for Family Development said could have a lifelong negative impact on the children.

“We started receiving cases from law firms, police stations and sometimes we get cases from people who voluntarily approach us seeking help without going to courts,” Al-Radi told Arab News. “They see us as a neutral ground.”

The non-profit organization is working in collaboration with the Ministry to implement the initiative in 60 centers around the country.

“We do not only aim to execute this initiative,” said Al-Radi. Our goal is to provide the right environment for children after their parents get divorced.”

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Egypt’s Proposed Child Custody Law Sparks Outrage

The law proposes that remarried women should lose custody of their children


A proposed child custody law has garnered widespread criticism from women’s rights activists in Egypt reports Al-Monitor.

The proposed law was submitted by female parliament member Soheir El-Hadi along with 60 other MPs as an amendment to Egypt’s Personal Status Law 25 of 1929.

As the current law stands, if a divorced mother possessing custody of her children decides to remarry, custody will shift towards her mother, mother-in-law or sister. The new law proposes that in such an instance, the mother will effectively lose custody of her children and the custody will then be given to the wife of the father if he happens to be remarried, or to his relative, if he is still single.

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The proposal has left women’s rights activists fuming.  Dina Hussein, a senior member of the National Council for Women (NCW), told Al-Monitor, “This illogical draft law must be withdrawn and canceled out in order not to be resubmitted.”

Although she agreed that the current law needs to be updated, Hussein argued that the law “suffocates” mothers and restricts women from remarrying.

The law has also received backlash on social media with topics #Against New Child Custody Law and #Over Our Dead Bodies trending on twitter.

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Ontario Passes Equal Parenting Law

This marks another win for fathers and LGBT families around the world


Ontario just passed a legislation that gives equal parenting rights to all parents regardless of whether they come from an LGBTQ family, are straight, whether their children were conceived naturally or artificially.

According to the press release, the law will come into effect on January 1st 2017. The All Families Are Equal Act will

Provide greater clarity and certainty for parents who use assisted reproduction to conceive a child

Provide a streamlined process for the legal recognition of parents who use a surrogate, together with requirements meant to protect the rights of all parties through independent legal advice and confirmation of the surrogate’s consent both before conception and after birth

Reduce the need for parents who use assisted reproduction to have to go to court to have their parental status recognized in law

The global parenting scene is gradually becoming more open to unconventional parenting and breaking the mold from the previously though notion that only opposite sex parents can have legal rights over a child.

Some countries, however, are still lagging behind on equal rights for LGBT individuals. For instance, child custody laws in Thailand do not apply to same sex couples, because under Thai law, same-sex marriages are still not recognized.

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Kuwaiti Mother Loses Custody of Her Kids for Smoking Shisha

Court claims smoking made her unfit to be a mother


A woman in Kuwait has lost custody of her children because she was accused of spending hours outside her home smoking.

According to Thomson Reuters, the Family Court claimed that the smoking was affecting her health and social standing thereby making her unfit to raise her children and to look after them. The court also claimed that the prolonged smoking would affect the mother’s ability to provide her children a proper education.

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Experts argue that women should also sue for custody from their husbands if their husbands smoke too much while adding that a woman has yet to raise the issue as reason for a father’s negligence.

The first child custody ruling based on smoking as proof of incompetence was seen in Saudi Arabia. A legal official is quoted by Reuters as saying that “A parent could now lose the custody case if he or she is proven to be a smoker.”

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Israel to Give Father Legal Parity with Mothers

Israel to Give Father Legal Parity with Mothers

Current law gave mothers custody of the children if an agreement is not reached between the parents


An Israeli child custody law is being amended to give fathers legal parity with mothers in cases concerning custody of young children reports Haaretz.

According to Haaretz, “The bill would grant joint custody to both parents for all children, regardless of age, if the parents cannot reach an agreement between themselves.” Under the present law, a disagreement between the parents will result in the mother getting sole custody of the children.

The bill is said to be brought to vote on Monday. The age at which children would automatically be placed in joint custody is yet to set.

The so-called “parents and children bill” was proposed by Knesset Member (MK) Yoav Kisch (Likud) who felt that the current law created “an absurd situation in which the legal system does not consider the interests of children of separated parents” according to a report by Jerusalem Post.

In most countries, child custody battles usually favor mothers to fathers. In Thailand child custody law, women are normally favored as caregivers. However, fathers can also win custody of their children if the mother is proved an unfit parent.

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