May 30, 2024

Kuwaiti Mother Loses Custody of Her Kids for Smoking Shisha

Court claims smoking made her unfit to be a mother


A woman in Kuwait has lost custody of her children because she was accused of spending hours outside her home smoking.

According to Thomson Reuters, the Family Court claimed that the smoking was affecting her health and social standing thereby making her unfit to raise her children and to look after them. The court also claimed that the prolonged smoking would affect the mother’s ability to provide her children a proper education.

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Experts argue that women should also sue for custody from their husbands if their husbands smoke too much while adding that a woman has yet to raise the issue as reason for a father’s negligence.

The first child custody ruling based on smoking as proof of incompetence was seen in Saudi Arabia. A legal official is quoted by Reuters as saying that “A parent could now lose the custody case if he or she is proven to be a smoker.”

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