June 20, 2024

Egypt’s Proposed Child Custody Law Sparks Outrage

The law proposes that remarried women should lose custody of their children


A proposed child custody law has garnered widespread criticism from women’s rights activists in Egypt reports Al-Monitor.

The proposed law was submitted by female parliament member Soheir El-Hadi along with 60 other MPs as an amendment to Egypt’s Personal Status Law 25 of 1929.

As the current law stands, if a divorced mother possessing custody of her children decides to remarry, custody will shift towards her mother, mother-in-law or sister. The new law proposes that in such an instance, the mother will effectively lose custody of her children and the custody will then be given to the wife of the father if he happens to be remarried, or to his relative, if he is still single.

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The proposal has left women’s rights activists fuming.  Dina Hussein, a senior member of the National Council for Women (NCW), told Al-Monitor, “This illogical draft law must be withdrawn and canceled out in order not to be resubmitted.”

Although she agreed that the current law needs to be updated, Hussein argued that the law “suffocates” mothers and restricts women from remarrying.

The law has also received backlash on social media with topics #Against New Child Custody Law and #Over Our Dead Bodies trending on twitter.

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