May 30, 2024

Thailand Child Support Law

Child support cases can take place between parents who are either married or unmarried. Typically, the mother of a child will be suing the biological father for child support. However, it is also possible for a father with custodial rights of a child to seek child support from the mother of the child.

Do Thailand child support agreements need to be settled in Thailand Courts?

If the mother and father can agree to child support, this agreement can made part of a divorce settlement agreement. If the mother and the father can agree to such terms it’s possible to register a divorce agreement with a government district office in a simple procedure as part of a divorce case. If the mother and father are not married, it is still possible to reach a settlement agreement or to file a court complaint depending on the circumstances.

What happens if parents cannot agree on child support?

If parents cannot agree to the terms of child support, a complaint can be filed with the court demanding child support. Cases are decided by judges in the Central Juvenile and Family Courts of Thailand. The Family Court will take into consideration various factors in arriving at a child support schedule.

How do courts determine the amount of child support?

If the Courts determine that one parent has a duty to pay child support to another, the Court will then consider relative incomes of the parents, the expenses of the children and other factors to determine an amount for child support.

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