February 21, 2024

LGBT Outrage over Alabama Adoption Bill

Alabama is close to passing “discriminatory” law

Vice News reports that the Alabama house unanimously voted to pass the “Child Placing Agency Inclusion Act” that protects the right of adoption agencies and foster care agencies to deny applications on the grounds of religious freedom.

HB 24 was initially approved by the Senate and thereafter passed by the Alabama house with a 87-0 vote with 6 abstentions.

Heavily criticized the LGBT community for what they consider a “thinly veiled assault on LGBTQ rights”, the bill makes no mention of the LGBT community and claims that it is meant only to “prohibit the state from discriminating against child-placing agencies on the basis that the provider declines to provide a child placement that conflicts with the religious beliefs of the provider.”

The bill only requires the signature of Governor  Kay Ivey. Ivey to become law.

In Thailand, there are no specific laws against same-sex couples adopting, but under the Thailand adoption laws, a couple must be married to be able to adopt and Thai marriage laws do not recognize marriage between same-sex individuals, thereby barring the LGBT community from adopting.

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