Gay Kiss in Thailand’s Parliament Sparks Controversy

by admin on January 14, 2020

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A gay couple embraced and kissed each other in Thailand’s parliament recently, sparking a controversy between the country’s liberal and conservative wings.

The kiss between the two men occurred at a press conference held by Thailand’s progressive Future Forward party.

The press conference was held to call for a marriage equality bill to be proposed in parliament that would allow for same-sex marriages.

In Thailand, a country often seen as a paradise for the LGBTQ community, marriage and civil partnerships are still reserved only for opposite-sex couples.

Bangkok family lawyers state that while Thais typically take a live and let live approach towards LGBTQ individuals, the law stills lags behind when it comes to ensuring equal rights and protections to gay persons–especially when it comes to marriage.

As the historic kiss occurred, one MP stood by the couple and applauded.

But more conservative MPs found the kiss “shameful” and “beyond forgiveness” and said that an ethics investigation should take place over the MPs and House committee that oversaw the press conference.

Other MPs stated that the kiss violated the parliament decorum that prohibits “inappropriate language, insults, slander, and indecent behavior”.

After a barrage of backlash from her colleagues in parliament, MP and committee chair Mukda Pongsombat issued an apology regarding the public display of affection.

Read the full story here.

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