Foreigners Living in Japan Are Being Divorced Against Their Will

by admin on January 13, 2020

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Now that Japan is opening up more to immigration, new evidence is coming to light that many foreigners living in the East Asian country are being divorced against their wishes.

Japan’s Justice Ministry said they are willing to help the expat victims of unwitting divorces after many organizations offering legal services to non-Japanese residents complained that they had been deceived into a divorce.

In Japan, divorces are easy compared to most other countries–the only requirement is that both spouses sign and submit divorce papers to their local government.

Many foreigners residing in Japan have complained that they have been fraudulently divorced.

In most cases, this was due to their Japanese spouses either forging their signature or getting them to sign the divorce papers under false pretenses.

Not only did this lead to their marriage dissolving against their will, but it also often led to them losing access to their children thanks to Japan’s sole custody law.

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Some advocacy groups are pushing the Japanese family courts to exercise caution when approving divorce petitions involving Japanese nationals and foreign residents.

They are also urging the Justice Ministry to provide English translations of relevant family, custody, and divorce laws.

In 2018, there were 11,000 divorces filed in Japan between foreign nationals and Japanese citizens.

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