Thailand Better than Japan For Father’s Rights?

by admin on May 17, 2023

Japan’s current legal system does not protect the rights of the father. According to the Japanese newspaper The Japan Times, Japan child custody laws support the child’s mother more than his father and apply single-parent custody. The discriminatory nature of Japan’s legal system leaves men relatively defenseless against violations of the father’s child custody rights.

Yasuo Hojyo is a father seeking the right to visit his six-year-old son, but Japanese legislation does not have any specifications regarding child custody rights up to now. So it is very difficult for Hojyo to contact his young son after the child’s mother filed for divorce. Japan is proposing an amendment to its single-parent system, using the joint custody system that many countries adopt at present instead.

Thailand child custody law, specified in the Thailand Civil and Commercial Code, Section 1566, states that both mother and father share equal rights to care and provide for their child, given that both have sufficient ability to look after the child. Section 1582 asserts that a person would only be stripped of his parental rights, partly or wholly, only if he/she abuses his rights as a father or mother concerning his/her child, or is financially unstable.

As provided by Section 1514 of the Civil Code, a divorce filed in Thailand can be granted with agreement from both spouses or in the case of discord, judgment by a Thai Court.

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