Kansas Man Demands ‘Trial by Combat’ to Settle Court Dispute with Ex-wife

by admin on January 16, 2020

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A Kansas man has asked a judge to approve “trial by combat” with ex-wife to settle their divorce and custody dispute.

David Ostrom said that his ex-wife,┬áPaula Ostrom, and her divorce attorney have “destroyed him legally”.

For that reason, he wishes to settle the matter once and for all by meeting them on the battlefield, with both sides armed with samurai swords.

Ostrom said that he doesn’t necessarily want to face his wife in a battle-to-the-death, but would rather her attorney serve as her “champion”–Game of Thrones style.

The only problem is that Ostrom doesn’t have samurai swords yet, and has petitioned the court to give him 12 weeks to secure or have wakizashis or katanas forged for the upcoming trial-by-sword where he hopes to “rend their souls from their corporeal bodies”.

Ostrom and his ex-wife’s court dispute centers around property taxes and visitation rights.

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If the judge presiding over the case were to give Ostrom’s proposition the green light, it would be the first trial by combat ever granted in US history.

Trial by combat was inherited in US law from British common law and in 2016, a New York State Supreme Court judge ruled that the right to trial by combat has never been legally revoked.

The judge in Ostrom’s case said he will not make any decisions regarding the trial by combat petition until both parties correct procedural errors in their case.

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