Court Rules Woman Can Implant Frozen Embryos, Despite Ex-husband’s Objections

by admin on March 19, 2019

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An Arizona court has ruled that a woman retains the sole right to choose whether to implant frozen embryos that she and her ex-husband created before they married.

In a split decision, the courts held that the father of the embryo has no right to stop the implantation, even if they are divorced.

Not only does this have a lot to do with a woman’s right to choose, but it also carries significant financial consequences for the male party.

Surrogacy cases, IVF procedures, and other medical issues may lead to custody disputes in Thailand. However, Thai law does not currently consider embryos to have the status of children, until the children are actually born.

“Let’s say this egg is frozen for 20 years after the parties get a divorce, and the wife decides to have the egg implanted and bring it forward,” said family lawyer Douglas Gardner. “A child is then born 20 years after the divorce, but this case still suggests the father would beĀ responsible.”

The father could be held responsible for testing costs at the embryo clinic which could cost $3,000 as well as storage costs and future child support.

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