August 16, 2018

UK High Court Rules That an Unhappy Marriage Isn’t Adequate Grounds For Divorce

The British Supreme Court recently ruled that Tini Owes, 68, couldn’t divorce her husband of 40 years without both parties agreeing–despite her claims that it is an unhappy and loveless marriage.

The ruling once again shoves the UK’s lack of a provision that makes exceptions for no-fault divorces. Under current law, spouses mutually seeking a divorce—-unless they have been living apart for five years–must assign blame and level accusations against the other party, even if it’s an amicable split.

Owens claims that her husband had started to value his work life over home life as well as routinely disparaged her and showed her no affection.

Her husband, on the other hand, denies these claims and says that the relationship was okay.

In 2020, Owens will have been separated from her husband for five years and able to divorce without requiring consent from her husband or showing evidence of fault.

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