May 30, 2024

Thailand Child Custody

Q: What kinds of child custody issues are handled by Thailand courts?

A: Thailand Family Courts may decide on the following issues:

• Granting custody to one parent
• Modifying custody orders
• Establishing legal custody rights
• Child support
• Child visitation rights
• Joint custody
• Termination of custodial rights

Q: How is paternity law involved in Thailand child custody law?

A: According to Thailand law, both parents of a child have full custodial rights, be the parents married or unmarried. Legal issues often surround the finding of a father’s rights to a child, or “paternity”. Thailand law requires that a father be the “legal” parent, as well as the biological parent, to have father’s rights. This procedure is called establishing Thailand paternity rights. It is important for fathers to realize that merely being the child’s biological parent does not normally qualify a father for partial or full custody rights to a child.

Q: How are a father’s legal rights established?

A: Father’s rights are established as a finding of legal paternity. Legal paternity differs from mere biological fatherhood. Cases can be filed by a biological father seeking father’s rights, or by a mother, seeking child support from the biological father.

Q: Are social workers used in child custody disputes?

A: Since issues concerning child welfare are considered to be central to ruling on child custody matters, Family Courts provide special procedures to examine the social, psychological and health issues involved in the child’s best interest.
The Observation and Protection Center is appointed by the Thai Family Court to perform a social study of the case prior to trial. Normally both parents and the child will be requested to appear for interview.

Thailand Family Lawyers

Q: How do Thailand courts protect children and families?

 Child custody cases are handled on a routine basis in Thailand Family Courts. The main consideration used by the courts in determining custody is what is in the best interest of the child. Accordingly the behavior of the parents and child development issues are analyzed closely by the Thai court.