July 25, 2024

Do Thai People Love Their Dogs?

Photo Courtesy: Angela Sevin http://flic.kr/p/4XvtG7

Thai people love their pets. Many Thais even dress and pamper their dogs as if they are children.

Most developing and developed countries will have dog catchers to go around collecting street dogs and putting them in cages and even euthanize them putting them to sleep. In Thailand, dogs without homes live mostly peacefully on the streets and are usually fed by the non-owners in the areas and they are also attended to in Thai temples by monks but they are not normally put to sleep. The general view of Thai people is that putting stray dogs to sleep is far crueler than letting them live on the streets or in a Thai Buddhist temple as strays.

Dog accessory shops that sell dog clothes are all over Bangkok and there are even dog hotels just like one in Chongnonsee called Doggiedoo that caters recreational activities such as swimming pool, dog grooming, and dog training.

The affection of Thais for dogs extends to even providing handicapped dogs with wheelchairs for mobility. The disabled dog on wheels in a You Tube video looks in many ways just the same as dogs that are fully capable.

Owning a Dog in Thailand

Thailand is generally a pet-friendly place but for expat families renting condos or apartments in Bangkok, having a dog is something that must be clear with landlords. As a general rule, condos and apartments will not take dogs of any kind. Practically, expat dog owners are likely to rent detached houses with big back yards in the outskirts of the city, conducive to dogs especially large breed dogs.

Thai-western families relocating back to Thailand with their dogs will need to acquire Identity and Health Certificate which state the dog’s age, breed, sex, distinct markings, name and address of owner or kennel, should be filled out and signed by a registered Vet from the originating country before arriving to Bangkok as per instruction by the Agricultural Regulatory Division and the Department of Livestock Development.

Apart from the documents, the dogs will need to be vaccinated with rabies vaccines – 15 days before departure, Leptospirosis, Distemper, Hepatitis and Parvovirus – 21 days before departure and vaccine for Kennel cough if the dog has been living in a kennel prior to the relocation. The Vaccination Certificates must be presented upon arrival and Thai regulations also direct dogs brought to Bangkok should be quarantined for at least 30 days for further testing and observation for possible diseases.