Why Is January Known as ‘Divorce Month’?

by admin on January 9, 2020

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In legal circles, January is oftentimes dubbed as “divorce month”–and the first working Monday after New Year’s Eve is often called “divorce day”.

Although divorces are actually highest in March and August, January earns the infamous title thanks to the influx of divorce filings relative to the divorce lulls during November and December.

Last January, for instance, searches on Google and Pinterest for “divorce” and related surged compared to the preceding months.

According to Family law attorneys in Thailand, people often pay debts with the funds they receive from year-end bonuses. This could be the reason for the uptick in divorce filings in January.

However, according to other opinions the reason divorce filings jump in January is due to the reflection people have at the start of their year about where their life is and how they can make it better.

For some people, their New Year’s resolution isn’t losing weight or quitting a vice, it’s ditching their spouse.

On top of that, filing for a divorce in November and December can be very challenging due to not wanting to interrupt the holiday season with divorce discussions that could create family problems.

Since January is a transitional period, then it should come as no surprise that divorce filings would increase drastically, divorce attorneys state.

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