What Thailand’s Legalization of Same-sex Civil Unions Means for Foreigners

by admin on July 14, 2020

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Thailand is set to make history as the first Southeast Asian country to legalize same-sex civil partnerships (and the second in all of Asia after Taiwan did the same in 2019).

But what exactly does Thailand’s legalization of same-sex civil unions mean for foreigners?

Well, put simply, foreigners can now enter into a same-sex civil partnership with a Thai national in the Kingdom.

This means that a foreigner-Thai same-sex couple in a legal partnership will have the same rights as married straight couples, with very few exceptions.

According to marriage lawyers in Bangkok, this means mixed-nationality, LGBTQ couples will be able to adopt children, jointly manage assets, and claim inheritance through their partner.

This would also open the door to same-sex partners of American citizens to marry in Thailand and then obtain a K3 marriage visa in Thailand in order to reside permanently in the US.

The legalization of same-sex civil unions is yet another step in the right direction towards full equality for the LGBTQ community in Thailand.

Despite a reputation for being a paradise for gay and trans people, LGBTQ individuals still often face discrimination in the country–especially when it comes to employment.

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