Actress Kadian Noble Pushes for Sex Trafficking Charges against Weinstein

by admin on December 1, 2017

Reuters adds to the list of victims sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. This time, actress Kadian Noble’s lawyers take a different route in saying Weinstein’s actions overseas make him accountable for sex trafficking charges.

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The alleged incident occurred during Add Media the Cannes Film Festival where the aspiring actress claimed that she was allegedly tricked into his hotel room with promises of a movie role when, she was assaulted by Weinstein.

The lawsuit is based on the offense of exchanging threat or coercion of sex for value, the “value” in this case was a potential movie role for Noble.

Weinstein’s attorneys along with 50 other accusations have also denied the accusations of non-consensual sex with the actress. They have also claimed that Noble’s attorneys have manipulated her statements to fit within the statute of sex trafficking, something that will never pass in federal court.

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