Virginia Might Finally Make It Legal for Unmarried People to Have Sex

by admin on February 11, 2020

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A new bill proposal would finally legalize sex between unmarried people in Virginia.

Shockingly, it is still technically illegal for those who haven’t tied the knot to engage in consensual sex.

If found guilty, the parties engaged in the sexual acts could be fined $250.

Just last week, the Virginia House of Representatives repealed the anti-fornication law and now it will head the to the state’s Senate.

Even though the bill was ruled unconstitutional in 2015 by the Virginia Supreme Court as an unreasonable intrusion into the personal lives of citizens, the outdated law remains on the books of the state penal code.

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Delegate Mark Levine, one of the lead proponents of the bill, said that a law against consensual fornication among unmarried people essentially makes a criminal of most Virginians, which sows mistrust among the populace towards laws in general.

The law is rarely enforced, but it has been used in the past of a way to tack on additional charges to individuals accused of sex crimes.

Surprisingly, more than a handful of states still have laws against premarital sex, including Idaho, North Carolina, and Mississippi.

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