UK Woman Almost Beaten-to-death by Husband Can’t Get Divorce

by admin on September 3, 2019

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A UK woman who was gruesomely beaten by her abusive husband is struggling to secure a divorce after her husband said no.

Despite making exceptions for domestic abuse victims, in the UK it divorce cases are often drawn-out with red tape and contentious due to the country not having a no-fault divorce law.

Uncontested divorces in Thailand can be carried out in both administrative offices or Thai courts.

The woman in this case, Suzanne Hill, is finding it hard to get a divorce even though her husband beating her nearly to the point of death.

She spent five days in the hospital and claims to struggle with PTSD from her husband’s violent outburst.

Her husband is spending three and a half years in jail.

Hill states that she used a government website to try and get a streamlined divorce but was unsuccessful.

She says she doesn’t have the money to hire an attorney.

Her husband has continuously refused to sign divorce papers, claiming the violent beating was just a one-off event.

The UK government has been in the midst of passing no-fault divorce legislation for months now with little success.

According to experts, it’s not uncommon for domestic abusers to contest a divorce for the simple reason of wanting to maintain control over their abused spouse.

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