UK No-fault Divorce Bill Could be Dead in the Water After Boris Suspends Parliament

by admin on September 11, 2019

Proposed family law legislation that would legalize no-fault divorces has been dropped following British PM Boris Johnson’s suspension of parliament.

When parliament is suspended in what’s called a “prorogation of the Commons”, any bills currently being considered by the legislative body are scrapped.

A total of 15 bills were being pushed through the Commons at the time of the suspension, Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill.

No-fault divorces in Thailand are permitted if both parties consent to the divorce and if the marriage was initially registered in a Thailand district office.

If passed, the law would have for the first time ever allow British couples to divorce without having to prove that a spouse had engaged in wrongdoing or was at fault for the relationship’s deterioration.

In the UK, the lack of a no-fault divorce law has made separations exceptionally contentious and difficult, not to mention time-consuming and costly for the couple as well as the court system.

Parliament was suspended for five-weeks by Johnson in the midst of heated Brexit negotiations that are stalling as a key deadline for the deal fast approaches.

Lawmakers hope that the no-fault divorce bill, which is long overdue, can be tabled and pushed through parliament once the legislature reconvenes on October 14.

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