Turkish High Court: Marriage Without Wedding Party is Grounds for Divorce

by admin on September 12, 2019

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The Turkish Supreme Court recently upheld a divorce after a man failed to throw a wedding party for his wife.

The wife in the case petitioned a lower court to grant her a divorce after he failed to meet his promise of throwing her a wedding party.

The couple got married in 2010 and the husband kept promising to throw a wedding party, but after three years of marriage, he had still failed to throw the long-overdue shindig.

The man told the lower court that he could not throw a party celebrating their marriage due to his poor financial situation.

The lower court ultimately sided with the wife and granted her a divorce.

There are two basic types of divorces in Thailand: administrative divorce at local district offices and court divorces adjudicated by a Thai judge.

The husband then took the case to Turkey’s Supreme Court.

The high court initially overturned the lower court’s ruling stating that the man shouldn’t have to hold a wedding if he can’t afford it.

However, the upper chamber of the Supreme Court annulled the verdict, claiming that it¬†“shook the foundation of the union of marriage”.

The upper chamber judges then ruled that since the couple had agreed to the wedding party, going as far as setting a date, picking a venue, and preparing invitation cards, that the wife’s claims of being humiliated by her husband after the party fell through was grounds enough for divorce.

“A wedding party is not a legal necessity for a marriage to be valid but it is a tradition in Turkish culture,” the high court said in its final ruling. “The scale or venue of the party depends on the customs and the economic status of the couple but it is, in a way, a declaration of marriage.”

Now, family lawyers are warning that failing to host a wedding party could be a valid reason for divorce in future cases.

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