Trans Women in Indonesia Forced to Man Up

by admin on February 1, 2018

Aceh has been governed by Islamic law since 2001 and under the religious law homosexuality and same-sex activity are illegal. This is the only state in Indonesia that condones this legislation. On Sunday, during a LGBT crackdown, police gathered Trans women beauticians and arrested them over accusations by upset mothers that the Trans women had teased their children.

The police are detaining the Trans women and making them undergo a “training program” that will make them walk and talk in a more masculine way. The police have also cut their hair and dressed them in manlier clothes in hopes to dwindle their numbers in the province. The police have commented that program is working.

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Amnesty International Indonesia’s Director has spoken out against the activity that it is inhumane and a breach of their human rights. LGBT people in Aceh are often arrested under a tough anti-pornography law.

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Image: Lambang Polda Aceh

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