Top Lawyer: Drunk Marriages Can’t Be Annulled in Thailand

by admin on April 9, 2019

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One of Thailand’s top lawyers has said that those who get married while under the influence will be stuck with their decision.

Decha Kittiwithayanan, head of a prominent lawyers group, said that getting a marriage annulled on the grounds of being drunk was not possible in the Kingdom.

Decha was responding to the news of Nicolas Cage petitioning for an annulment just four days after getting married in Las Vegas on the basis that he was drunk when he took his vows.

However, divorce lawyers practicing in Thailand, feel the same, including family attorney Jiraporn Thongphong.

On the one hand, if someone is drunk to the point of unconsciousness, that person cannot engage in a legal act including marriage.

Additionally, other circumstances such as fraud would be grounds for possibly voiding a marriage. For instance, if the aggrieved spouse believed he or she was marrying a different person, such as a case of identity theft.

“Since drinking is a personal choice and both parties stated their intent to marry in front of a certified official, then both are stuck with the decision and must file for a divorce”, Jiraporn said.

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