The Philippines Might Finally Legalize Divorce

by admin on February 14, 2020

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A house committee in the Philippines recently greenlit three measures that would finally legalize divorce in the Catholic-majority nation.

The Philippines is the last remaining state where divorce remains banned–apart from the Vatican City.

Now the three measures will be sent to a group of lawmakers where they will be consolidated into a single divorce bill.

“Divorce is not a monster that will destroy marriages and wreck marital relationships”, proclaimed Rep. Edcel Lagman, who authored one of the measures. “Let us be clear about this–the monsters that lead to the demise of marriage are infidelity, abuse, financial problems, lack of intimacy and communication, and inequality.”

The Catholic Church hierarchy in the Philippines, as well as other Catholic religious groups, are strongly opposed to legislation legalizing divorce.

In particular, Catholic leaders are arguing that the bill will cheapen the institution of marriage and lead to the breakup of many families.

In divorce cases that go to court in Thailand, grounds for divorce are normally required. In total, there are 12 grounds for divorce in Thailand.

Last year, a similar divorce bill successfully made its way through the Philippines House of Representatives before being struck down in the Senate.

Some argue that the lack of a divorce bill is the main reason why marriage rates–especially among young people–are dwindling drastically in the Philippines.

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