Thailand Divorce and Domestic Violence

by admin on January 22, 2013

Marriages involving domestic violence are a notable cause of divorce in Thailand. However, domestic violence in Thai-foreign relationships has a special history in Thailand. Marriages that result in messy disputes usually involve issues such as child custody and division of property. Frequently, anger and violence make its way into the news.

Most recently, South African Oswald Heinrich Duvel for example, had been involved in an ongoing custody battle in Thai courts with his estranged Thai wife. He was shot dead on the head in October 2012 by a gun man identified to be related to his ex-wife. His ex-wife and former mother in law were charged.

Who would forget the murder case of Briton Ian Beeston that flooded the headlines of Thailand and UK’s national papers in 2008? Beeston was a retired engineer whose Thai wife has plotted to have him stabbed to death so she could enjoy his money with her secret boyfriend. 

Another UK national Toby Charnaud, was also brutally murdered by three men his Thai wife had hired in 2005. Charnaud, a 42-year old farmer was beaten to death then burned, chopped up and scattered in a national park in Kaeng Krajan. 

Read on Thailand Marriage and Divorce: Thai Dream or Foreigners Nightmare article which covers the full story of the gruesome domestic violenceThailand divorce cases cited above.

 Thailand divorce lawyers advise divorcing couples in Thailand to plan for a safe and equitable separation and divorce. The safety process begins with awareness of what an alienated and angry spouse is capable of.  Planning for safety also involves legal as well as practical planning concerning safety and protection issues.


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