Thailand Bans Commercial Surrogacy

by admin on August 6, 2015

Commercial surrogacy in Thailand is now illegal under The Protection of Children Born from Assisted Reproductive Technologies Act, reports the Bangkok Post.

Image Credit: Torsten Mangner (Flickr)
Image Credit: Torsten Mangner (Flickr)

Numerous high-profile surrogacy cases sparked the change of legislation, one in particular which made global headlines involved an Australian couple, who apparently abandoned a twin boy born with down syndrome disease, taking only the healthy sister.

Another shocking case to emerge in recent months was that of a Japanese man who had used multiple Thai surrogates to birth nine babies. All were found in a Bangkok apartment. The Guardian newspaper described it as a ‘baby factory.’

Previously, the law meant that the surrogate mother would be considered the legal parent until she consented to formally give the baby to new parents.

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The consent aspect has also been in news recently due to a gay couple whose Thai surrogate refused to sign the paperwork required to allow the couple to take the newborn home. She says she was not aware of the couples sexuality. The pair remain in Thailand, awaiting news that will allow them to leave the country with baby Carmen.

The new law intends to avoid the abuse of such a reproductive technology, such as in the case of the Japanese man mentioned above, and help only married, childless couples.

If you are wanting to explore surrogacy as an option, you must have a legally registered marriage and have been medically examined and approved.

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