Thai-Foreign Couples Separated Due to Thailand’s Covid-19 Lockdown

by admin on July 22, 2020

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Every year millions of tourists flock to Thailand finding thrilling adventures, magical beaches, and–sometimes–true love.

But for Thai-foreign couples who are now in long-distance relationships, unending separation is now an unfortunate reality they must cope with.

That’s because Thailand, like almost every other country in the world, has locked down its borders since the Covid-19 outbreak occurred.

Eventually, Thailand relaxed its nationwide lockdown to allow foreigners married to Thai nationals or with Thai children back in the country.

But for unmarried Thai-foreign couples, there is no end in sight as their foreign spouse would require a tourist visa to reenter the Kingdom, which at the moment is impossible.

“It’s like being dead while alive. I’ve been waiting since March, but Thailand has no action plan,” said Piyamon Phomnayramit, 27, who is separated from her longtime Scottish boyfriend. “He was supposed to move here so we could start our life together.”

The same is also true for LGBTQ Thai-foreign couples as same-sex marriages remain illegal in the country.

Recently, Thailand did approve a draft law to legalize same-sex civil unions. But according to Thailand family lawyer Jiraporn Thongphong, it’s unclear whether or not those in a same-sex civil partnership will be afforded the same immigration rights as married heterosexual couples.

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