Texas Authorities Break-up Large-scale Immigration and Marriage Fraud Ring

by admin on May 15, 2019

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Immigration police in Texas have indicted nearly 100 individuals for participating in a large immigration and marriage fraud ring.

The large-scale bust happened in Houston and involved 96 people being indicted including many overseas who are charged with immigration fraud and organizing sham marriages.

The criminal organization would organize sham marriages between Texans and those in Vietnam.

Authorities found out those involved weren’t living together as they had previously told immigration services and were only involved in the marriage for the financial and immigration benefits.

In countries such as Vietnam and Thailand, sham marriages are not an uncommon occurence, considering K3 marriage visas are among the best ways to acheive permanent residence status in the US.

According to immigration police, the group would charge $50,000 to $70,000 per sham marriage.

The group would also take care of setting up immigration appointments and organizing transportation to the wedding ceremony as well as create fake wedding albums to make the marriage seem authentic.

Just over half involved in the crime ring have been taken into police custody.

Read the full story here.

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