Statistics Show that Divorce is Contagious

by admin on December 3, 2019

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It turns out that divorces are contagious, according to multiple recent studies.

Overall, about half of all marriages end in a divorce.

But if you have close friends and family that have previously been divorced, you are much more likely to do the same.

In fact, people who have a close friend who has been divorced are 75% more likely to have a split from their marriage as well.

That number jumps to 147% for people with multiple close friends that have ended their marriage.

The divorce contagion also exists when it comes to family and the workplace as well.

People who have divorced brothers or sisters are 22% more likely to have a marriage that ends in divorce, while people with divorced co-workers are 50% more likely to untie the knot.

Bangkok family lawyers state that this is most likely the case for two specific reasons.

For one, seeing other people in their immediate lives opt for a divorce could give them the courage to do so themselves if their marriage isn’t working.

And two, those in failing marriages might be less willing to divorce if they are surrounded only by happily married couples for fear of being shamed.

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