Singaporean Court Grants Divorce After Man’s Wife Goes Full Cat Lady

by admin on June 1, 2020

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A Singaporean family court has ruled that a woman’s cat obsession is grounds enough for a divorce filed by her husband.

It’s unclear how many cats the woman had adopted, but the judge hearing the case decided that the 45-year marriage could be justifiably ended due to the fallout caused by her feline obsession.

The cats routinely drew complaints from the neighbors and “would urinate and defecate indiscriminately”, according to the judge.

The woman’s obsession allegedly started when she was visited by her late mother in a dream who told her that she should be kind to cats.

Contested divorces in Thailand are handled in family courts, where grounds for divorce are weighed, assets are divvied up, and child custody is determined.

After this, she began adopting and feeding numerous stray cats, which eventually led to their house being “defiled” and smelling of “feces and urine”.

The last straw broke for the man when one of the cats urinated on him while he was sleeping.

The judge decided that there was no room for reconciliation between the divorcing parties in the case, as both were uncompromising in their positions.

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