Same-sex Couples Denied Civil Unions on Valentine’s Day

by admin on February 18, 2020

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Thousands of Thai couples flocked to administrative offices across Bangkok last Friday to secure marriage certificates on Valentine’s Day.

Numerous same-sex couples seeking to officially tie the knot were turned away, however.

Under Thailand marriage law, despite the country’s relative open-mindedness towards LGBTQ communities, marriage is strictly between a man and a woman.

Although they knew they would be rejected, a group of same-sex couples went to a district office in Bangkok Yai on Valentine’s Day to petition for marriages anyways.

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The group of LGBTQ individuals, who work with the Foundation for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity’s Rights and Justice (FOR-SOGI), did the same thing last year and also saw their marriage petitions denied.

They then filed an official complaint with the Constitutional Court, which was also disregarded. The group plans to do the same this year.

Members of FOR-SOGI argue that the lack of same-sex marriage in Thailand comes down to marginalization and a lack of understanding of LGBTQ people.

Rather than seeing them as just another human being, many Thai people look at them as different and weird, especially transgender individuals, the group stated.

Recently, a same-sex civil union bill re-emerged in parliament and seemed to be gaining steam after an initial draft was greenlit.

Now, that bill is being examined by the Council of State.

LGBTQ activists state that the bill–while being a step in the right direction–does not guarantee marriage equality, lacking many of the state-benefits that are given to married couples in Thailand.

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