According to a report in The Guardian, sex without express consent will soon be considered rape in the country of Denmark. The legal change is expected to come into effect in late 2020 as an attempt to curb rising sexual violence statistics.

Previously, legally defined rape was determined on the basis of violence rather than consent, the change in the law inspired by similar legislation in Sweden introduced in 2018.

Denmark’s Minister of Justice has said “We must change society’s understanding of what rape is, and a new consent-based rape provision is a milestone in that effort.” The country has seen an increase from an average of 2500 to 6000 reported sexual crimes in the past 5 years. Thailand has amended its penal laws to encompass more types of sexual violence and to increase penalties for sexual offenses, however, Thailand law has not yet liberalized its rape laws to the extent of Scandinavian countries.

Commentators have criticized Thai culture for not treating rape seriously enough. In an article from “Under The Ropes” written by Emma Thomas, she explained her experience as a Western woman in Thailand and how students were treating the subject of rape a humorous subject rather than a serious offense.