Child Adoption Laws: Thailand vs. Taiwan

by admin on May 26, 2023

Taiwan now allows same-sex married couples to adopt children together and is the first Asian country to support the LGBTQ rights movement. Taiwan passed legislation that supports marriage equality in 2019. Child adoption was formerly not available to same-sex couples in the island country.

Thailand law, however, still retains a more traditional view LGBTQ+ and transgender persons rights regarding marriage an adoption. Currently, gay marriage is not allowed under the present Thailand family law. Foreign parents who would like to adopt a child of Thai nationality have to go through a more difficult and longer process than Thai parents. The child’s age and needs would also need to be considered. Thai children who are motherless and fatherless are well protected by the government, so parents who meet the requirements are able to adopt orphaned children relatively easily.

Thailand’s child custody law regarding adoption, According to Family lawyer Jiraporn Thongphong, in practice, gay couples, have been successful in adopting in Thailand. However, the gay couples did not disclose the nature of their sexuality, and there was a family relationship with the child in regard to one of the partners in the gay relationship.  Nevertheless, many gay people object to having to be secretive about their personal lifestyles, and demand a change in the law.  he public for gay marriage in Thailand. Currently, there is strong support from the public for gay marriage in Thailand.