Oregon Man Pleads Guilty to Trying to Bribe ICE Officer into Deporting His Wife and Her Child

by admin on November 29, 2018

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A Portland, Oregon man accepted three charges of bribery as part of a reduced sentence for attempting to bribe an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent into deporting his wife and her child.

The man, Antonio Oswaldo Burgos offered the ICE officer $4,000 to send his wife and her child back to El Salvador, where he had married her years before.

Burgos and his wife’s marriage had gone south in the past few months and she had taken her child and moved out of her family home.

After Burgos made his initial bribe offer, ICE agents set up a sting operation that eventually ended in Burgos being arrested.

“This case should send a strong message that those who attempt to coerce a public official will be punished,” a Homeland Security official said.

According to immigration attorneys, assuming Burgos was an American citizen and his wife and her child held K3 and K4 visas, green cards, or citizenship, even if the bribe was successful, the wife and her child would have been protected from deportation.

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