New State Department Regulation Targets ‘Birth Tourism’

by admin on January 22, 2020

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A new regulation being rolled out by Trump’s State Department will set out new visa guidelines in the hope of reducing so-called “birth tourism”.

The practice of birth tourism occurs when visitors to the US on travel visas give birth to children to ensure that their child receives US citizenship.

According to Joe Leeds, a US visa lawyer in Bangkok, the fact that the US–unlike other countries–has birthright citizenship even for visitors, it has become a hotspot for “travelers” who want to engage in birth tourism.

A Chinese woman was recently convicted by US authorities for running a birth tourism operation that allegedly helped 500 women from China visit and give birth to their children in America to secure them US citizenship.

Although details of the new rules to combat birth tourism haven’t been disclosed yet, State Department officials say that they are necessary to address national security and law enforcement risks.

The change in regulations comes after a recent news story about a  Hong Kong airline apologized for requesting that a passenger take a pregnancy test before boarding a flight to the remote US Pacific island of Saipan–a US territory that has become a hot birth tourism destination.

This has led to Saipan pressuring airlines to cut down on the number of tourists coming to the island intending to give birth.

Read the full story here.

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