New Law Aims to Reduce Domestic Abuse in Thailand

by admin on April 3, 2019

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A new law passed by the Thai National Legislative Assembly preceding the country’s national elections hopes to reduce the increasing cases of domestic violence.

According to women’s welfare activists, the most important piece of the Family Institute Protection Act is that it allows officials of the Social Development and Human Security Ministry to impose a 48-hour restraining on those who have allegedly committed domestic abuse against a spouse, even without a court order.

The ministry will only deem a 48-hour restraining order necessary if the threat of an attack is imminent, however.

In the past, the ministry only had the power to work with related agencies to reduce harm as well as aid victims and record domestic abuse incidents.

Unlike the 2007 Victims of Domestic Violence Protection Act, the old law which sought to reduce the cases of domestic violence, the new bill focuses on more on a dual approach of first, protecting victims, and second, further punishing and rehabilitating perpetrators.

In addition to criminal action, domestic abusers will also be required to undergo behavioral adjustment, such as substance abuse treatment in cases of alcoholism.

District office registrars who handle family matters such as marriages in Thailand will also be required to provide education to families about domestic abuse prevention and the negative side effects of divorces in Thailand have on the development of children.

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