New American Tax Rules Make Divorce Trickier

by admin on February 4, 2013

Thailand Divorce and US Tax LawThe American Taxpayer Relief Act is a new federal tax law that makes divorce more complicated, according to The Wall Street Journal.

America’s new act may no longer include a divorce settlement’s alimony and divisions in stock portfolios, pension plans, executive-pay packages and other assets for couples who have filed a divorce in January, a month popularly known as divorce season. Previously, couples filing taxes jointly for the past year could benefit.

The Wall Street Journal noted that at times, tax considerations play into the timing of a split. Couples who decided to part ways back in April 2012, for example, may have waited until this January to make it official. The delay would let them cut down on their taxes by filing jointly for 2012.

In Thailand, the Thai Supreme Court back in March 2010, had ruled against a divorce tax planning scheme where couples divorce at the end of a financial year and remarry at the beginning of a financial year.

Couples divorcing in Thailand are advised to enlist the services of a Thailand divorce lawyer for assistance considering the variety of factors that can be involved in a divorce case.



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