Middle-aged Divorces a Recipe for Financial Ruin, Study Shows

by admin on July 22, 2019

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A new study reveals that those who get divorced at age 50 and up, known as “gray divorces”, are much more likely to end up in poverty than individuals of the same age group who stay married.

The study, carried out by the National Center for Family & Marriage Research, also showed that those who get gray divorces are more likely to have financial troubles than those who divorce at an earlier age.

Since 1990, the number of gray divorces in America has nearly doubled.

The financial shock to divorcing Baby Boomers is drastic, to say the least.

The study found that 50-plus individuals who get a divorce see their total wealth drop by more than 50%.

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And it’s not just wealth that takes a massive hit after a middle-aged divorce.

For women who divorce after 50 specifically, their standard of living falls nearly 45% on average, which is more than double that women who divorce earlier in life.

Men over 50 who split from their marriage see their standard of living drop 21%.

The study also found that the collapse in the standard of living and wealth accumulation rarely ever recovers for those who get gray divorces.

According to the researchers behind the study, the lack of financial recovery is due in large part to an inability for those who get a divorce late in life to re-generate income as they had before since many are living off retirement, pensions, or social security funds.

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