Jewish Man Seeking Divorce Says Family Law Contradicts Religious Law

by admin on May 15, 2019

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A wealthy Jewish businessman claims that a divorce ruling and family laws in the UK contradict the laws of his faith.

The court ordered Alan Moher to pay his wife 1.6 million pounds as well as a 1,850 pound monthly stipend until he grants his wife a divorce.

Under Jewish law, divorces or “gets” can only be granted by the husband.

Moher argues that the payments are a means to coerce him into granting a get, which he claims have to be given “freely”.

Thailand divorce law typically doesn’t make religious exceptions when deciding cases. In the Muslim-majority southern regions though, Islamic courts are often granted the power to handle matters of family law.

The court has held that Moher’s claims that he is trapped in the payments and cannot grant a divorce under the coercion of the court order are overblown.

Moher’s lawyers say that since the get is compelled by the payments, then the divorce cannot be upheld by Jewish religious authorities.

Moher and his wife had been married for 21 years.

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