Japan’s High Court Upholds Sterilization Requirement for Gender Change

by admin on March 4, 2019

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Japan’s Supreme Court upheld a law that in effect requires transgender individuals to undergo a sex change and sterilization in order to have their gender changed on official documents.

The court stated that the law limits freedom, it also argued that the law was indeed constitutional because it was intended to reduce confusion in families and society.

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The 2004 law, which the court scrutinized, lays out that any individuals wanting to change their gender must have genitals that resemble the gender they want on official documents.

The appellant, Takakito Usui, stated to the court thatĀ forced sterilization violates his right to self-determination and therefore, should be ruled unconstitutional.

Most Asian countries still have unfair societal and legal burdens that fall on transgender individuals.

Transgender individuals still face discrimination in the workplace, school, and many other aspects of life. But Thailand has been making strides in equality for LGBTQ individuals, including a new same-sex partnership law.

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