Japan Clarifies Law Regarding Child Custody Handovers

by admin on February 28, 2019

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The Japanese Cabinet recently revised the country’s civil law to enforce child custody handovers, even when one parent attempts to disregard a court order transfer of guardianship.

Before, Japanese law didn’t have a clear law governing court-ordered child custody handovers between split parents.

So in most cases, judges had to fall back on an asset seizure clause in the civil code, but many argued that this reduced children to little more than property in the eyes of the law.

According to Thailand child custody attorneys, under the Hague Treaty, which Japan is a member to, both parents must be present at the time of a court-ordered child handover where a child was taken to a foreign country.

With the revision to the civil code in Japan though, only one parent will be required to be present when child custody changes from one parent to the other.

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