Ireland to Hold Referendum on Divorce Law

by admin on April 4, 2019

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Ireland will hold a referendum deciding whether or not to ease restrictions the country’s divorce law.

More specifically, the May vote will ask voters if they want to remove the minimum restrictions on divorce laid out in the Irish Constitution.

Currently, the Constitution of Ireland states that a divorce is only valid if the spouses petitioning have lived apart four of the past five years.

If the new proposal set forth in the referendum passes, then spouses will only need to be separated two of the last three years.

Under Thailand divorce laws, no-fault divorces are possible when both parties agree and the original marriage took place in one of Thailand’s district offices.

More importantly though, since the minimum time restrictions for a divorce would be removed from the Constitution, legislators would be able to set the minimum time period in the future or strike it down entirely.

Other divorce stipulations laid out in Ireland’s Constitution will remain regardless of the referendum outcome.

The vote will take place on May 24.

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