Indian Activists Push for Equal Rights for Men, Citing Custody and Suicide Statistics

by admin on March 20, 2019

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Ahead of the national elections in India, men’s rights activists are threatening to vote “none of the above” if their grievances are not addressed.

The main grievances they want to be addressed and fixed are child custody and suicide caused by domestic situations in addition to a wide variety of other issues.

In India, over 150,000 young Indian men lose access to their children due to a divorce or separation.

On top of that, almost double the number of men than women commit suicide because of domestic disputes.

Although India is often seen as a patriarchal society, many times for good reasons, men make up over 80% of the homeless, the job deaths and injuries, the prison population, the war casualties, the high school and college dropouts, and the suicides.

According to Thailand custody lawyer Jiraporn Thongphong, these stats–specifically the lopsided favor of custody in favor of mothers–are pretty universal among all countries.

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