India Supreme Court to Reconsider Law Criminalizing Homosexuality

by admin on January 12, 2018



Petitioners have caught the attention of the Indian Supreme Court with the move to re-examine Section 377 that criminalizes LGBT individuals. The first appeal of the legislation was rejected and upheld as Justices argued that social morality will continue to change therefore constitutional morality must remain the same. Keeping these separate will “uphold the rights guaranteed by India’s constitution”.

Petitioners disputed against the concepts of social and constitutional morality. They stated that the perspectives of the majority which is based on social morality is different from constitutional morality and the concepts of morality which Section 377 is based on should either be changed or just abolished all together.

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The move for the abolishment of Section 377 is supported by the fact that it violates Article 21 of India’s constitution where it guarantees its citizens to a right of privacy. The Justices on the case have moved the petition to a higher court.

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