Enforceability Of Prenuptial Agreements In England

by admin on August 5, 2013

 Many people don’t give much thought to English penuptial agreements believing them not to be worth the paper they are written on. Indeed, prenuptial agreements have historically not been considered legally valid until a landmark case in 2010 which showed that not to be the case

 Whilst it appears that prenuptial agreements will not become legal in England until 2014 as consultation is still continuing, following 2010 case, whereby a prenuptial agreement was upheld, prenups are clearly a factor now that will be taken into account by Courts when determining the final issues relating to a divorce settlement.

 A Thai prenuptial agreement is registered with the Thai government at the time of marriage. Thai courts, in divorce cases will generally follow a lawful Thailand prenuptial agreement. Lawful Thai prenuptial agreements are upheld by Thai courts as a routine matter. Individuals have different priorities and objectives when marrying, however, and must decide which type of arrangement might fit their needs best. Consultation with a qualified Thailand attorney is advised.

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