Domestic Violence Cases Jump in Thailand

by admin on November 4, 2019

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Cases of domestic violence rose by 35.4% in 2018 compared to the number of cases documented in 2016, according to the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation (WMP).

In total, there were 623 reported cases, 384 of which were fatal.

Experts at the WMP said that the old methods to spot and reduce domestic assaults simply aren’t working anymore.

In fact, the actual number of domestic abuse cases is most certainly higher than reported cases in Thailand due to social attitudes.

Many women who suffer from violence at home do not seek help because they see it as a family issue.

Instead of simply trying to handle the problem from a criminality standpoint, which the 2019 Family Development and Protection Act does, family courts should also play a huge role, the WMP said.

That way, victims of domestic violence could petition family courts to issue restraining orders instead of sending loved ones away to prison for long periods of time, which might disincentivize a victim from reporting abuse.

Also, according to Thailand lawyers, family courts have the ability to send abusers to rehabilitation or professional help for the anger that is causing them to lash out at their family members.

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